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We proudly present to you our very first album „Billy Hill“. Fill in the contact form on the right and we’ll send a hard copy of the album right to you! Or go to amazon, itunes or GooglePlay to get the album as an MP3 download.

The album

This CD is the result of 19 production days spread out over 22 months. In June 2013, when it all started, no-one knew that we had already started making our first full-length studio album. We initially showed up in Düsseldorf to be the trial object for a sound engineering lesson – and kept coming back until we had fully produced 10 whole songs.

Everyone who has ever gone through the process of mixing a song, let alone a whole album, knows, how many times the music goes back and forth, how the changes become smaller and smaller, and you’re just never really satisfied until you stop bothering, just in time – before you reach complete insanity. So, after our secret bandhero Robert Schwering had masterfully mixed all the tracks, we looked for a mastering studio and guess who got the job: Steve Hall has mastered albums by Tom Petty, Carole King, Frank Zappa, B.B. King, Kirk Franklin, Earth Wind & Fire, Lionel Richie, Greenday and many others – and now Billy Hill! We’re honoured and more than happy with the results.

Now we are excited to share this album with the world. All songs featured on it are written and arranged completely by Billy Hill. For the production process we have involved almost exclusively close friends and relatives, and the oldest staff member in the studio was a borrowed ’62 Telecaster (thanks, Martin!).

Also, a major surprise on this whole journey was the support from our fans: We set up our crowdfunding campaign with a desired goal of 9.000€. Two weeks into the campaign we got more and more uncertain whether this boldness had been such a good idea. But you guys exceeded our expectations! 9.133€ were raised by 188 generous donors, many of which didn’t even know us in the beginning of the campaign. Thank you so much! Without you, this CD wouldn’t have been possible.

Special thanks to

… Robert Schwering – recording engineer, mixing, 1001 extra hours and sleepless nights; thank you, Schwering!
… Steve Hall – mastering engineer (Tom Petty, …)
… Charlotte Hofman – design and artwork
… Thomas Müller from hey!band label
… Britta Franck from handlewithcare press shop

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