“Billy Hill crafts clever, modern pop music with just the right amount of Southern rock swagger.
‘Julia’ is fantastic.”

– Mark Lettieri
(guitarist with Snarky Puppy,
Kirk Franklin, Erykah Baduh)

The music

Whoever is turned off by labels such as Country, Western or Blues, gets it in the neck from Billy Hill: This dutch-german collective creates an appealing mix from good old Rhythm&Blues and refreshing Rock-Pop. Mature compositions meet four instrumentalists bursting from musical energy and on top of it all, Lisa’s unmistakable voice forms the perfect counterpart to the Rock’n’Roll delivered by the band.

With their influences reaching from Tom Petty and Little Feat over to Fiona Apple and Ennio Morricone, they produce a big and unique sound that’s largely been forgotten in today’s mainstream music.

The liveshow

Their most convincing argument is delivered live on stage: whether on big festival-stages in the Arnhem area, where they found each other, or cafés and clubs all over Germany and the Netherlands – Billy Hill’s liveshow has hearts bumpin’, feet movin’ and tears rollin’. Tight grooves, strong melodies and an unpredictable rise of intensity make each performance a unique experience. Billy Hill are five musicians, who genuinely love what they do!

the album

In April 2015 the self-titled and crowdfunded debute album „Billy Hill“ hit the market. With this very first release, they made sure it appears nothing like a first try: the songs, the sounds, the tangible energy – the band was able to bring to life in the studio the power they experience live.

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